Project Team

Team photo taken in South Africa.

International Multidisciplinary Team

We are an international multidisciplinary team of researchers with expertise and demonstrated track record in the following areas:

  • Curriculum development

  • Effective use of educational technologies

  • Educational leadership

  • Accessible and inclusive design

  • Health sciences

  • Economic development

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Sustainable farming and nutrition

  • Programming and 3D design

Chief Investigators (South Africa and Remote Australia):

  • Professor Denise Wood (Professor of Learning,  Access and Participation, Central Queensland University; Adjunct Professor, University of the Western Cape; and Adjunct Fellow, University of South Australia) – Project Team Leader, Curriculum Development & Inclusive Design, 3DVLE Pedagogy and Special Needs

  • Professor Noel Lindsay (University of Adelaide) – Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Enterprise Development and Curriculum Development

  • Associate Professor Sheila Scutter (James Cook University) – Health Sciences, Curriculum Development and Primary Health Care

Development Team (South Africa and Remote Australia):

  • Charles Morris (Virtual Helping Hands / UniSA) – Programming & Inclusive Design
  • Janyth Ussery (Virtual Helping Hands) – Educational Technology & Accessibility
  • Kyal Tripodi (UniSA) - 3D Virtual World Designer / Website Design
  • Cameron Milton (UniSA) - 3D Virtual World Developer

Project Coordinator (South Africa)

James Gien Varney-Wong

Expert Advisors (South Africa and Remote Australia):

  • Associate Professor Nick Burns (University of Adelaide) – Psychology

  • Professor Tania Aspland (University of Adelaide) – Special Education

  • Dr Charles Kivunja (University of New England) – Educational Leadership
  • Jake Blehm (Grow Biointensive) – Ecology, Sustainable Farming & Nutrition

Project Team (Remote Australia)

  • Deirdre Tedmanson (University of South Australia) - Social Work, Social Policy and Community Development
  • Professor Lester Irrabina Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney(University of Adelaide) - Indigenous Issues
  • Bruce Underwood (University of South Australia) - ANTEP Program

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