Project Contributors

We would like to expressly thank each of the persons and organizations that have contributed to the project. This project could not succeed without the valuable assistance of people like you.

Curriculum Materials:

We are grateful to Pearson Southern Africa and Maskew Miller Longman publishing for their considerable assistance in the design and development of curriculum materials based on the South African Government's national curriculum, which have been incorporated into the 3D virtual learning platform.

The Virtual World:

The InWordz developers for expert assistance and implementation of the Money Module for OpenSim

Content Creators:

  • Anna Sawers - Contributed many graphical elements, 3D objects and Sculpted objects to the project.

  • Darren Candler (Metadas Media) - Contributed a web interface for communicating to in world objects, and managing data / reports.

  • Johnny Night - Contributions of virtual world content including the gardening simulation.
  • Randolf Baxton - Contributions of virtual world content including native trees and plants.

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